Sex without consent is punishable

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Consent means permission or to accept.
In this campaign you can read stories about when mixing drugs and sex made consent difficult to communicate or understand, but also stories about rape in sexualized drug use.
The aim is to spread information about how you can prevent rape if you choose to mix sex and drugs (including alcohol).
“The first time I tried crystal methamphetamine they said it was MDMA I got showed up my bum”
- Inge (37)
I did not consent
“I regained consciousness while another was having sex with me. I blacked out and later regained consciousness when I reacted to someone else performing oral sex on me.”
- Jo (27)
I had no control
“The intoxication caused me to lose consciousness. When I regained it, they made me sniff a drug so that I blacked out again"
- Kim (36)
They gave me blackout
“I stood on a sex club, ready to have sex with bunch ouf guys. Suddenly I became dizzy. The lube was "spiked" with a drug”
- Asgeir (46)
Suddenly I became dizzy
“Suddenly he laid there unconscious in a GHB overdose and the others asked me to have sex with him. I told them that is not ok”
- Ole Martin (37)
I refused to rape him
“I woke up to the other particpants coming by me and performing oral sex on me”
- Iben (36)
I woke up being raped
“When I saw up I realized that the others where filming and live publishing via labtops and mobilephones”

- Hans (27)
They filmed the sex from all angles

«It is a fundamental sense of safety and trust in other people that has been taken from me”
- Mika (35)
I never feel safe
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